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SHG Swiss Education

We are a Swiss group specialized in Hospitality with Swiss Quality, Swiss Experience and Swiss Education.

SHG Swiss Education is the main department of SHG Swiss Hospitality Group. Indeed, SHG has several top hospitality schools offering Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate Degrees in Hotel Management Education. The goal of SHG Schools is to teach with high quality all jobs in hotels & tourism, especially for students who wish to become managers in hospitality.

SHG offers several options to study Hotel Management: Bachelor Degree, MBA Degree, E-Learning for students who work, and the "SHG Exchange Program" where students can study each year in a different SHG campus. 

Our Programs

Bachelor in International Hotel Management

One of the best Bachelor Degree to become manager in Hospitality. Students are trained in every hotel department. SHG is combining academic courses with practical trainings and internships in luxury hotels. Thanks to this concept, our graduates are assured to obtain job offers in many countries worldwide.

MBA in International Hotel Management

Only students who already have a Bachelor degree can do our MBA program. Indeed, our MBA is for students who quickly want to become directors in hospitality. In addition, students are trained to manage any kind of companies thanks to Management courses like in the best business schools. 

Hospitality & Luxury Trainings for Executives

SHG Russia offers several trainings for professionals working in luxury hotels and also offers trainings for executives working in luxury companies or stores such as: Luxury Environment, Self-Image & Grooming, VIP Customer Service, Talent Management, Inter-Cultural Management, etc.

Where & How to Follow our Programs?

On Site Program

Each SHG school is for students wishing to become managers in the hospitality industry. The prices and the lengths of the studies vary from a school to another dues to the country. SHG has schools worldwide.

Exchange Program

Each SHG student has the opportunity to study in another SHG School during his/her studies during 1 year or longer. SHG students can even study each year in a different SHG campus in the world. 

By E-Learning

SHG Russia offers Distance Learning for students who wish to study online our courses. Students don't need to come to Switzerland. SHG Russia offers those 2 programs from SHG Geneva: Bachelor & MBA.

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